Brand New Suzuki DF4AS

MSRP $1775
You save!  $100
Our Price:  $1675



Suzuki Anti-Corrosion System

Over-Rev. Limiter

Designed to turn 90-degrees both left and right of center aiding in docking and tight turning of the boat while its 90-degree stopping points provide an easy to recognize reference of the outboard’s angle

 Large, ring shaped carrying handle 

Tilt up handle

Pilot water hole 

Fresh Water Flushing System

Shallow Water Drive

Includes 72 month 
Factory Warranty!

Freight, PDI & HST Not Included



SHAFT LENGTH                                       15 in.

STARTING SYSTEM                             Manual

WEIGHT                                                   53 lbs.

ENGINE TYPE                                  Single cylinder OHV 4-stroke, 2-Valve

FUEL DELIVERY SYSTEM              Carburetor

DISPLACEMENT                             138cc

BORE X STROKE                           62mm x 46mm

MAXIMUM OUTPUT                        4 HP

OPERATING RANGE                      4000 - 5000 RPM

STEERING                                      Tiller

CHOKE                                            Manual

FUEL TANK CAPACITY                 1.0 litre

OIL PAN CAPACITY                       0.7 litre

IGNITION SYSTEM                         Digital CDI

ALTERNATOR                                 12V 6A (Optional)

TRIM POSITION                              5 Tilt Pin Positions

GEAR RATIO                                   1.92:1

STANDARD PROPELLER              3 x 7.5 x 6.5

PROPELLER SELECTION              6 - 7

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