Brand New Honda 92cm (36in.) Track Drive Hybrid i-Control ES

Our Price:  $8999



Hybrid drive, dual stage snowblower with i-Control computerized control system

92 cm (36.2 in.) clearing width

58 cm (22.8 in.) clearing height

Moves up to 83 metric tons of snow per hour with a discharge distance up to 19 m (62.3 ft)

Standard work light

Auto throttle reduces engine revs to idle in no load conditions for improved fuel economy and

noise reduction

Auto choke provides simple, easy starting in any weather conditions, with no extra effort

A toolbox integrated into the rear cover allows access to tools without removing gloves or mitts

On-board diagnostics panel with indicator lights provide easy monitoring of main snowblower functions on startup and during operation

Includes 36 month 
Factory Warranty!

Freight, PDI & HST Not Included


DISCHARGE TYPE                               Dual Stage     

AXLE TYPE                                           Track Drive

DRIVE TYPE                                  Electric i-Control

                                              (24 VDC drive motors)

TRANSMISSION OIL CAPACITY              0.3 Litre

                                                       (10.6 fl. Imp. oz.)  

SPEEDS                                        Infinitely variable (Load control)

CLEARING WIDTH                       92 cm (36.2 in.)

MAXIMUM GROUND SPEED      Forward: 50 m/min. (164 ft./min)

                                                      Reverse: 35 m/min. (114.8 ft./min)

INTAKE HOUSING HEIGHT         58 cm (22.8 in.)

AUGER DIAMETER   ​                   39.8 cm (15.7 in.)

AUGER TYPE                               Steel serrated (Spiral)

AUGER DRIVE                              Belt driven shaft, electromagnetic clutch

AUGER TRANSMISSION              Worm gear

AUGER OIL CAPACITY                 0.2 Litre (7 fl. Imp. oz.)

AUGER HEIGHT ADJUSTMENT  Electric auger-height adjuster

                                                       (Automatic raise at return path)

CHUTE TURNING RADIUS           240° 

CHUTE ROTATION                        Remote electric “Joystick” control

DEFLECTION CONTROL              Remote electric “Joystick” control

CHUTE MATERIAL                        Steel

MAXIMUM THROW DISTANCE    19 m (62.3 ft.)

CLEARING SNOW VOLUME        Up to 83 metric tons/hr (91 tons/hr)



ENGINE TYPE                                Honda iGX390T2, 4-stroke, OHV, single-cylinder

DISPLACEMENT                            389 cc (23.7 CID)

IGNITION SYSTEM                        CDI magneto

ELECTRIC STARTER                    Standard 24 VDC type

LUBRICATION SYSTEM                Forced splash

OIL CAPACITY                                1.1 Litre (38.7 fl. Imp. oz.)

RECOMMENDED OIL                     SAE 5W30 API service classification SJ or later

                                                         SAE #90 gear oil

RECOMMENDED FUEL                  Unleaded gasoline (Pump octane rating

                                                         86 or higher)

FUEL TANK CAPACITY                  5.7 Litres (1.25 Imp. gal.)


TANKFUL                                         1.6 hours


OVERALL LENGTH                         176 cm (69.3 in.)

OVERALL WIDTH                            92 cm (36.2 in.)

OVERALL HEIGHT                          134 cm (52.8 in.)

DRY WEIGHT                                   240 kg (529.1 lbs.)

LIGHTING COIL                               Standard

WORK LIGHT                                   Standard (24 VDC, 40 watt)

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